Stackable Cats in Stitches

I got started on the cross-stitch version of the Stackable Cats over the weekend! I’m pretty happy with it so far.


All Annie’s had in the way of 14-count cross stitch fabric was light blue and light pink, so I thought I’d give the blue a try. I think I rather like the effect.

I’ll be working on my full design (including more cats, birds, and balls of yarn) next, and if all goes well I plan to publish the pattern when it’s done!

8 thoughts on “Stackable Cats in Stitches

  1. Hi Anna!
    As I looked at your stacking cats, all I could think of was how awesome those designs would look running along a bathroom hand towel. How tall are those kitties? I’m asking because they make a “ribbon” of cross stitch fabric that you can stitch on and then attach to things like towels and jeans and other cool stuff. Thanks. Keep those designs coming. Who knows? I may have to pick up the cross stitch bug again.

  2. You know, I’ve never cross-stitched before, but the possibility of a cute, framed stackable cats cross stitch might make me learn.

  3. My Mom just recently taught me to cross-stitch and I kind of love. I would love love love to cross-stitch any of your designs.

  4. Oh!!!!! I love it! I love it! I love it! Its ADORABLE!!!!!!!
    *THIS* is whats going to make me learn cross stitch! I bet you would be great at Needle Felting, have you ever tried it? I can’t wait until you publish the pattern!

  5. Your cross-stitch work is beautifully neat – I used to do a lot of this years ago until knitting toys took over my life lol!!

  6. Seriously Cute!!!! I haven’t done cross-stitch in so long, but it was the craft that eventually led me to crochet, which led me to knitting, so I have a special place in my heart for counted cross-stitch (even if I can’t stand to do it anymore!)….this design, however, might tempt me to pick it up again….hmmmm…..

  7. Your comments are so encouraging!! Thank you!

    Leslie, this stack of cats is about 2 and a half inches tall—I’m using 14-count fabric, though, and if you used a fabric with more squares per inch, it would be smaller.

    I’ll post more as I continue to work on the design!

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