No More Craft in Print

I was sad to read this morning that Craft will stop publishing their print magazine after their current issue. They are vowing to continue to have a strong online presence, which I’m sure will be successful, but there was something fitting about a print publication for the new generation of people who like to make things with their hands.

I’m happy that I was able to have a pattern published in the magazine last year, and I hope I’ll get to work with them again in a different way in the future. Long live Craft!

3 thoughts on “No More Craft in Print

  1. I too was sad when I got my email from CRAFT about this :( I loved it when my magazine arrived in the mail, and will miss it….

  2. I have a recurring dystopian fantasy of a world where all the magazines I love have stopped publishing, where all my favorite restaurants have closed down.

    I have to work very hard to keep myself from buying and hoarding lots of yarn and fabric “in case the day comes when you can’t get them any more.”

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