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Sheila’s 100 Monkeys

How much fun are these ONE HUNDRED tiny monkeys that Sheila knitted?


Sheila (QueenofSheeba on Ravelry) started with the Tiny Monkey pattern from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi and added an itty-bitty mouth flap for the classic sock monkey look… 100 times over!


I love the scenes she’s made with these little guys. Check out her Ravelry project page to zoom in and see exactly what they’re all up to.

Thank you to Sheila once again for the inspiration!

Pumpkin Butts

Saturday’s tiny pumpkin knitting class at the Harold Washington Library was lots of fun, with a great group of knitters. And after just two hours we ended up with this adorable harvest!


When I posted this photo on Facebook, my favorite comment was from Cindy here.


Hence the title of this blog post.

This was actually my last scheduled event for 2015, and with the baby due at the end of the year, I have NOTHING yet scheduled for 2016. It’s a strange feeling, but maybe a little nice to think about a break (I have plenty of work to do behind the scenes of course, too), and I’m sure I’ll be back out in the world before too terribly long.

Back on the subject of tiny pumpkins, Halloween is just a few days away now, isn’t it?! It’s definitely not too late for spooky little knits, so here’s a handy list of links to Halloween mochi patterns:

Candy Corn (free!)
Tiny Pumpkin
Tiny Terrors (vampire, werewolf, mad scientist, and two-headed dude)
Tiny Zombie
Boo the Bat

Also, this morning I had the nice surprise of finding my tiny terrors at the top of this BuzzFeed roundup of spooky knitting patterns by Claire de Louraille.


The list includes quite a few adorable things I hadn’t seen before (like those cool ghost hats!), so check it out for more ideas and patterns!

2015 Boo Harvest

It’s time once again to collect some of the best Boos added to Ravelry in the past year. These cuties were made from my pattern for Boo the Bat, which I originally released way back in 2008 and continues to be one of my most popular patterns.


As of this posting, 1,060 Boos have been added Ravelry! I have to assume that’s just a fraction of the little knitted bats out in the world, which completely blows my mind. And people are adding new ones all the time—check them all out on the project page, and please add your own if you’ve made one!

You can find the the pattern in the Mochimochi Shop and also on Ravelry.

Top row (from left to right):
lazydayartifacts’ Boo the Bat, BreiKonijn’s Boo the Bat 4, okate’s 2014 Ornament Swap, Kristysnowedin’s 2,Bats

Middle row:
gizmonic’s Boo the Bat, wojostitches’ Bats!, mimulus’ Baby boo, knittergoddss’ Boo the Bat

Bottom row:
ljsheppard’s Boo, Azashenya’s CCW 9, Triestina’s Boo Bat, Aelys’ Boo the Bat

Sheila’s HUGE Tiny Mochi Assortment

I’ve been seeing some impressive tiny mochi projects on Ravelry lately—they make my day every time! It also bodes well for our upcoming annual photo and video contest. I’ll be announcing that here soon, but you can already start submitting your photos by adding them to our Flickr group. (And check out last year’s contest details for more information.)

I don’t want to ruin all the fun by sharing too much before the contest even starts, but I simply must highlight this giant assortment of tinys made by epic knitter Sheila.


The smaller box that you see was made for Sheila by some of her friends, then true to form, Sheila blew up the idea to heroic proportions. Truly there is no end to her creative energy. (Be sure to check out her hexiscenes too!)

By the way, I’m still working on choosing the prizes for this year’s photo contest. If you have any ideas for what you’d like them to be, let me know!

Sheila’s Hexiscenes

One of my favorite mochimochi knitters is Sheila, aka QueenofSheeba on Ravelry, whose funny and creative projects have appeared on this blog from time to time. THIS time she’s been up something that I really wish I’d thought of first: combining mochis with hexipuffs to make mini dioramas she calls hexiscenes!

Not Betty [Biscuit the Baker pattern from Adventures in Mochimochi Land]

Do you wanna build a snowman? [Tiny Christmas Tree from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, Mochimochi Snowmen]

Tim Ber [Tiny Lumberjack from Tiny People 2]

Mawwiage [Tiny Bride & Groom from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi]

I asked Sheila where this idea came from, and this is what she said:

The Hexiscenes actually started out on a sad note. We got the call that my beloved mother-in-law had just entered a hospice for final care. (Sob) I didn’t know the rules for flowers in the facility etc but HAD to bring her something so she knew how much I love her and was thinking about her when I wasn’t there. (Sob! Sob!) It had to be knit and something she could just hold in her hand. It ended up being this:

We go together like peas and carrots [Tiny Baby Bunnies]

That is how the Hexiscene was created ~ with me crying my way through the first one!!! Now every one I make I smile (and cry a little!) thinking “Donna would have loved this!”

It’s touching how small knitted things can contain so much meaning. As you saw above, Sheila has continued to make many more hexiscenes—aside from being perfect little gifts, they seem to feed her dual addictions to tiny mochis and hexipuffs:

I have a thing for tinys as you know AND a thing for Hexipuffs. I have made about a bajillion puffs for chair back cushions, footstool covers, pillows, toys, and heading for five (yup-CRAZY) window quilts! I’m thinking in this drafty old farmhouse I should just start sticking them to the walls as I finish them for warmth-hehe. Not so practical for cleaning though… The point is I don’t want to stop making them OR tinys as you know!

I would love to post all of Sheila’s hexiscenes, but there are just too many at this point. OK, here’s one more—they’re getting more elaborate!

Under the sea [Ichigo the Adventurer from Adventures in Mochimochi Land, Tiny Nosey Fish]

OK, I only have so much bandwidth, so I encourage you to check out Sheila’s project page to see more.

Sarah’s Tiny Dolphin and Crab

I was excited to see the first projects from Adventures in Mochimochi Land, a tiny Bubbles the Dolphin and Gary the Crab, pop up in our Flickr group this morning! True to character, Gary is giving Bubbles a tiny pinch on the nose.


For being the first person to add a project from the book to our group, Sarahknits gets a fun little present, a Personal Happiness Labbit!


Our photo and video contest is coming back in the fall, so go ahead and start adding your photos of Mochimochi knits to our Flickr group, and they will all be automatically entered.

Knitterj’s Mother’s Day Bento

This is too cute: Jan (knitterj on Ravelry) whipped up this scrumptious Mother’s Day bento to give to her sushi-loving mom this Sunday!


So much better than flowers, right moms? The plastic grass tucked in around the sides really makes it for me.

You can find the patterns in the Tiny Sushi Bar Set (also available on Ravelry).

An early Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! I’m headed to Oklahoma this weekend so I can spend the day with mine.

Shipping off the Diplomats

This has been a busy week of organizing and packing and otherwise getting ready to ship hundreds of gnomes off to Korea for next month’s show at Everyday Mooonday. Here’s what our dining room looks like right now.


I think at least one of those boxes is just holding packing peanuts for other boxes, but I don’t even know anymore. Shipping is stressful!

Of course, among those hundreds of gnomes are hundreds of gnome diplomats that all of you sent in. In preparation for sending them off on their mission of spreading cuteness and happiness to the other side of the globe, we’ve finally tallied them all: Including the lovely gnomes submitted by Chicagoland knitters at YarnCon, we recruited a total of 332 gnomes to travel to Seoul—I am blown away by this number!


To celebrate, I’m selecting two random gnome knitters to get a Personal Happiness Labbit that I picked up at Rotofugi.


There’s no need for suspense, so the winners are… Monica E. and Rosemary S.! I’ll send you each an email for your mailing address.

Full details about the show are coming soon, but first I get to take a weekend off from knitting gnomes, which will be a refreshing break before John and I start getting ready to go to Seoul ourselves!