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Sarah’s Tiny Dolphin and Crab

I was excited to see the first projects from Adventures in Mochimochi Land, a tiny Bubbles the Dolphin and Gary the Crab, pop up in our Flickr group this morning! True to character, Gary is giving Bubbles a tiny pinch on the nose.


For being the first person to add a project from the book to our group, Sarahknits gets a fun little present, a Personal Happiness Labbit!


Our photo and video contest is coming back in the fall, so go ahead and start adding your photos of Mochimochi knits to our Flickr group, and they will all be automatically entered.

Knitterj’s Mother’s Day Bento

This is too cute: Jan (knitterj on Ravelry) whipped up this scrumptious Mother’s Day bento to give to her sushi-loving mom this Sunday!


So much better than flowers, right moms? The plastic grass tucked in around the sides really makes it for me.

You can find the patterns in the Tiny Sushi Bar Set (also available on Ravelry).

An early Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! I’m headed to Oklahoma this weekend so I can spend the day with mine.

Shipping off the Diplomats

This has been a busy week of organizing and packing and otherwise getting ready to ship hundreds of gnomes off to Korea for next month’s show at Everyday Mooonday. Here’s what our dining room looks like right now.


I think at least one of those boxes is just holding packing peanuts for other boxes, but I don’t even know anymore. Shipping is stressful!

Of course, among those hundreds of gnomes are hundreds of gnome diplomats that all of you sent in. In preparation for sending them off on their mission of spreading cuteness and happiness to the other side of the globe, we’ve finally tallied them all: Including the lovely gnomes submitted by Chicagoland knitters at YarnCon, we recruited a total of 332 gnomes to travel to Seoul—I am blown away by this number!


To celebrate, I’m selecting two random gnome knitters to get a Personal Happiness Labbit that I picked up at Rotofugi.


There’s no need for suspense, so the winners are… Monica E. and Rosemary S.! I’ll send you each an email for your mailing address.

Full details about the show are coming soon, but first I get to take a weekend off from knitting gnomes, which will be a refreshing break before John and I start getting ready to go to Seoul ourselves!

86 Gnomes and Counting

As of April 1st, we’ve received a total of 86 gnomes for Project Gnome Diplomacy!


I’m feeling a bit like an April fool myself today, because I had these delightful Euro candies all ready to send out to anyone whose gnome arrived today…


…and then no gnomes showed up! Silly gnomes. So the candies will go to the next three people whose gnomes arrive.

These little guys of all shapes, sizes and colors are headed for Korea next month to be a part of a Mochimochi Land art show. You have until April 21st to send us your gnomes—find out more about this project here. And keep an eye on Instagram for gnome updates whenever we have new arrivals!

Your Twistiest Alpaca Tongue Twisters

Update: The tiny alpaca pattern is now available!

Thank you for all the fantastic tiny alpaca tongue twisters over the weekend! I was reading them all aloud this morning and cracking myself up at just how bad I was at it.

It turns out that alpacas are not very good at tongue twisters themselves, or at the game of Twister, for that matter.


I guess we should have gone over the rules one more time before getting started with this photo op.

It was impossible to choose a single favorite tongue twister, but John and I managed to narrow it down to three favorites. Quick, say each of these three times fast!

From Catherine:

Black alpaca packs pack lacquer plaques.

From MaraE:

Alvin alpaca alleged Albert alpaca altered the alpine alfalfa.

And finally, from Stitchpunk:

Pink and purple polka-dotted packs perched prettily on alpaca backs, while lazy llamas lolloped and laughed loquaciously!

Each of these clever twisters of tongues wins the tiny alpaca pattern. (Check your inboxes, winners!) The pattern will be in wide release a bit later this week, yay!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our action-packed alpaca match!

Joan Mochi-fied Us!

Joan is a friend of Mochimochi Land who lives in Canada and always surprises me with her witty spins on patterns. (Check out her bathing snowmen, for one!)

This week she surprised me with mochi-fied versions of me, John, and our cats Soupy and Nipsey!


How cute are we!! And the glasses! And kitties!

I don’t know what compelled Joan to make us in tiny knitted form (“I swear I do not have this much free time,” she said half-apologetically in her email), but it really brightened my day.

As you’ve heard here, lately I’ve been working on lots of gnome-related things for an upcoming show in Seoul. It’s the type of big project that has me feeling like I’m making very slow progress and there’s tons more to do, and it’s not really profitable work, and why was I even doing this again?

Getting gnome diplomats in the mail every day is helping keep me going, as are the happy comments I’ve been getting here and on social media in response to my gnome-related posts, and also a few very kind and encouraging emails like Joan’s.

Thank you, Joan!!