Your Twistiest Alpaca Tongue Twisters

Update: The tiny alpaca pattern is now available!

Thank you for all the fantastic tiny alpaca tongue twisters over the weekend! I was reading them all aloud this morning and cracking myself up at just how bad I was at it.

It turns out that alpacas are not very good at tongue twisters themselves, or at the game of Twister, for that matter.


I guess we should have gone over the rules one more time before getting started with this photo op.

It was impossible to choose a single favorite tongue twister, but John and I managed to narrow it down to three favorites. Quick, say each of these three times fast!

From Catherine:

Black alpaca packs pack lacquer plaques.

From MaraE:

Alvin alpaca alleged Albert alpaca altered the alpine alfalfa.

And finally, from Stitchpunk:

Pink and purple polka-dotted packs perched prettily on alpaca backs, while lazy llamas lolloped and laughed loquaciously!

Each of these clever twisters of tongues wins the tiny alpaca pattern. (Check your inboxes, winners!) The pattern will be in wide release a bit later this week, yay!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our action-packed alpaca match!

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  1. Thank you for doing a giveaway like that. I really enjoyed participating! It was too fun reading all of the different ones people came up with too.

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