Twist Your Tongue and Win the Tiny Alpaca Pattern

Update: Congratulations to our tongue-twisting winners!

Good news: the tiny alpaca pattern is coming next week!


As I prepared to preview this pack of alpaca, it occurred to me that alpacas naturally lend themselves to tongue twisters. Right, IRL alpaca?


So leave an alpaca-themed tongue twister in the comments to this post (one per person please). We’ll pick a favorite on Monday, and that person will get the pattern early and for free!

44 thoughts on “Twist Your Tongue and Win the Tiny Alpaca Pattern

  1. Al Pakka packed a plaque in a pack on his alpaca; his alpaca packed Al Pakka back.

  2. Llama just gonna leave this here:

    Alpaca papa put a pile of purple parsnips in his pack. When camelid camp lets out, his little llamas love a snack.

  3. Adam the alpaca asked a Llama for Pajamas.

    Adam the Alapaca smacks attackers with hot lacquer.

    Alpacas will bicker for a chair made of wicker.

  4. Alpaca Pat packed a pack of platinum alpacas with a pack of purple pachyderms eating papayas.

  5. The pack o’ alpacas are crap at maracas…

    (is this too rude? I couldn’t resist it sounded too funny!)

  6. A purple pack of alpacas will pack up for Pakistan with purple backpacks!

    Go alpacas!!

  7. The little alpaca wanted a snacka so he went and got some Cracker Jacka and then he got a sacka and a backpacka and gave them to a yacka!

  8. Peter piper picked a pack of perky Alpacas
    If peter piper pick a pack of perky alpacas
    How many perky alpacas did peter piper pick?

  9. Alpacas pack plenty of pecans in pies for pastry parties in Pittsburg, Pensylvania.

  10. Al alpaca packed a pack to visit his girl Rebecca.
    He hitched and hiked, She rode her bike
    And they met at a place called Tribeca.

    They wined and they dined
    Their limbs entwined
    So happy that they got wed
    And had a little baby called Fred.

  11. Llama llama cheesecake llama tablet brick potato llama mushroom llama llama llama duck.

  12. Nobody noticed Nancy’s nimble newt, Norbert, in her nearly new knapsack but Peter’s prodding proved pointless pushing his portly alpaca, Cleopatra in the back of his backpack.

  13. Alpada Al packed a black plaque and almanac then hit the track in his Cadillc with his camel, Pat.

  14. Penny’s ‘paca pouts piteously, peckish for parsnips packed precipitously for Peruvian partners plying yarns!

  15. I’ll pack a alpaca cause there’s a lack of a pack of alpaca out back of the shack.

  16. Packa snacka for yo’ paca,
    it could be a soda cracka
    if the snack is crazy bacca,
    yarn will come out really wacka.

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