Giant Gnome Update: Kinda Done But Not Really

Project Giant Gnome
Three Feet Tall

Giant gnome is sorta done!

I’m not much for selfies normally, but I just had to take one with my new friend.


He’s so big, it took me exactly 40 attempts to squeeze the both of us in the frame together. So that was how I spent five minutes of my day. It was the only time I’ve ever really considered the merits of a selfie stick.

Giant gnome (yes, he needs a proper name) is sitting in my living room right now, as big as a very big person. I wouldn’t say that his eyes follow me, but he’s pretty much always either staring at me dead on, or else he’s got me in the corner of his eye. This was especially creepy at night before I gave him a beard.

giantgnome_creepy border=

Those eyes were fun to do—I had Godfrey the Groundhog’s hat kicking around my desk from February, and I liked the idea of 3-D eyes, so I used that random piece of knitting as a starting point.

giantgnome_eyes border=

The beard was also crucial to get right. There was a lot of holding it up to the face and eyeing the progress as I was making it.

giantgnome_beard border=

The beard is now much bigger than this, of course, but looking at the whole assembled gnome, I think it should still be a touch bigger, so I’ll probably make that change. But he’s essentially finished, and that feels like a big accomplishment.

So this is how many balls of yarn it takes to make a giant gnome, at least one with a smaller-than-is-ideal beard.

giantgnome_labels border=

Before I get completely sucked into a beard vortex, I have a fresh box of yarn from Lion Brand that needs my attention.

giantgnome_newyarn border=

That’s right, giant gnome no. 2 is happening. He will have a green shirt.

Why again am I knitting giant gnomes? Because I’m a weirdo, and also because they’re destined for an all-gnome-themed Mochimochi Land show at Everyday Mooonday gallery in Seoul this May. You too can be a part of this event—check out Project Gnome Diplomacy to find out more!

Thanks again to Lion Brand for providing yarn support for this project!

7 thoughts on “Giant Gnome Update: Kinda Done But Not Really

  1. adorable selfie!!! Can’t wait to see how you get You and TWO gnomes in a selfie!!! :)

  2. This must be a Guinness Book record for largest gnome or largest knitted toy or something similar.

  3. That is so awesome!! Your knitting brain is quite amazing! I am very curious as to how you will ship two 3 feet tall gnomes to Seoul. It sounds like a math word problem I got in school, or wish I got.

  4. I’m hoping the shipping for these guys will actually be pretty simple—I’m going to take all the stuffing out and re-stuff in Seoul!

  5. That does sound pretty simple. :)
    Is this your first trip to Seoul? Or have you visited before?

  6. I visited for three days in January of 2000, on a trip with my Japanese host sisters. So technically I’ve visited, but it was so long ago now that I don’t remember too much. I can’t wait!

  7. For the name, what about Smallbeard, like Blackbeard, except cuter, and more mochi like!

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