Joan Mochi-fied Us!

Joan is a friend of Mochimochi Land who lives in Canada and always surprises me with her witty spins on patterns. (Check out her bathing snowmen, for one!)

This week she surprised me with mochi-fied versions of me, John, and our cats Soupy and Nipsey!


How cute are we!! And the glasses! And kitties!

I don’t know what compelled Joan to make us in tiny knitted form (“I swear I do not have this much free time,” she said half-apologetically in her email), but it really brightened my day.

As you’ve heard here, lately I’ve been working on lots of gnome-related things for an upcoming show in Seoul. It’s the type of big project that has me feeling like I’m making very slow progress and there’s tons more to do, and it’s not really profitable work, and why was I even doing this again?

Getting gnome diplomats in the mail every day is helping keep me going, as are the happy comments I’ve been getting here and on social media in response to my gnome-related posts, and also a few very kind and encouraging emails like Joan’s.

Thank you, Joan!!

2 thoughts on “Joan Mochi-fied Us!

  1. I was trying to think what sparked me to do it. And really I think it was me noticing you didn’t have a pic of you in your book bio, which made me then think how cool it would be if your photo was a mochi of you. And John and the cats. :)
    So glad you enjoyed them.

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