Adventures In Mochimochi Land is Coming June 9th!

I’ve mentioned it here and there, but now it’s time for the official announcement: My next book comes out June 9th!


Adventures in Mochimochi Land will contain 25 knitting patterns for all-new mochis, most of them of the teeny-tiny persuasion. But there’s a lot more to this book than patterns—it’s also a storybook with three fantastical tales from Mochimochi Land! Your guide through the adventures is an explorer named Ichigo, a mochi who actually talks.

Say hello, Ichigo!


Close enough!

I met Ichigo at the farmer’s market, where he was trying to steal a single strawberry for his lunch (because no one would sell him just one). After chatting over a basket of berries, I found out that he had seen more of Mochimochi Land than just about anybody else. He promises that everything he says is true, which is a probably an exaggeration, but at least it makes for good stories. (I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of the stories here soon!)

Ichigo couldn’t make a book completely on his own, of course, which is how I found myself making storyboards for the first time about a year ago.


But I’d like to back up a bit and tell you how this book came about.

When I was a kid, there were lots of things I wanted to be when I grew up (science museum director and lady who rides the elephants in the circus, to name a couple), but as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to write storybooks. I wanted to create worlds and draw people into them, and make everything up as I went. By time I graduated from high school, I was pretty sure this was not achievable, I guess because I’d never met anyone who wrote books or created worlds. So I studied Japanese instead, which seemed cool too.

Japan and exposure to the world of art and design lead me to make Mochimochi Land, my big passion for the last eight years. But even as I was building this world in knitting, and writing books of patterns, I still didn’t really think I could make a storybook—fiction publishing just seemed like such a different (and much more competitive) world from crafts. It was my luck that my editor, Caitlin Harpin, was open to the idea of a nontraditional craft book when I brought it up, and she and the rest of the team at Potter Craft worked hard to make it happen.

I hadn’t really expected everyone to go along with it, so I was surprised that all of a sudden I was writing a storybook. It was my own adventure in Mochimochi Land! And it was way harder than I had expected: Not only did I have to come up with the stories, but I also had to invent all-new characters for them that could work as patterns, and I had to figure out what the whole thing would look like from start to finish too. That’s what storyboards are for.

Nobody taught me to make a storyboard, or how to write a story, or how to design a toy and write a knitting pattern, for that matter. But often that’s the best way to learn how to do something—by just doing it. And that process shouldn’t stop when we’re grownups. I had a lot of help in making this book, and for everyone involved it was something new, which is scary but exciting and definitely worth the stress and hard work.

I hope that this book will be a fun read for all of you, kids and adults alike. I also hope that the patterns and DIY spirit that I’ve tried to infuse in it will inspire you to try something new and make worlds and stories of your own!

Adventures in Mochimochi Land is now available for preorder from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, and from Powells, among other places. Signed copies are also available for preorder from me in the Mochimochi Shop. Or if you have a local bookstore or yarn store that you support, please ask them if they’ll carry it!

More previews and other fun book stuff are coming soon!

11 thoughts on “Adventures In Mochimochi Land is Coming June 9th!

  1. Congratulations Anna! Your book sounds fantastic, I really enjoy your story telling through your characters. I think you’re a natural!

  2. I’m so glad a book of stories is coming out of Mochimochiland. And thanks for sharing your thoughts about writing the book too -since it’s one of my dreams too to write a storybook, it’s really fun to see you making yours happen.

  3. I love hearing about your process behind Mochimochi Land!
    I have always loved miniature worlds, to the point I wanted to shrink down just to inhabit them. Which is why I think I love Mochimochi so much. I can’t wait to see the stories and be immersed in their world. June can’t come fast enough, for your book and the possibility that the snow might finally be melted here in PEI. :)

  4. It’s so nice to hear some excitement about the book! This is a really different one for me, so I’m also excited and anxious to see it out in the world.

    Leslie, you can preorder the book through Amazon and other retailers, and I’ve also got it listed in my shop for signed copies.

  5. I’ve always thought this would be such a fun idea!! This sounds awesome, I am looking forward to it!

  6. Maybe soon you could make short stories of already existing characters to post on the blog? Bob needs his own story! :)

  7. Anna, you’re the reason I started knitting! I wanted to learn something new, but when it came to knitting, I thought it was all sweaters and socks. I then discovered Teeny Tiny Mochimochi and that was when I signed up for a basic class at my LKS. I have learned a lot from your patterns and have now been knitting for over three years. I never would have found this passion of mine if it wasn’t for your cute little mochi’s! …Anyways, I cannot wait for your next book. Congrats on your success! :)

  8. Yay. My grandson Charlie and I have been waiting for new mini Mochimochi patterns and a storybook too – brilliant! Will nag my local supplier “Hobbycrafts” England to stock it. Thanks Anna and your people

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