86 Gnomes and Counting

As of April 1st, we’ve received a total of 86 gnomes for Project Gnome Diplomacy!


I’m feeling a bit like an April fool myself today, because I had these delightful Euro candies all ready to send out to anyone whose gnome arrived today…


…and then no gnomes showed up! Silly gnomes. So the candies will go to the next three people whose gnomes arrive.

These little guys of all shapes, sizes and colors are headed for Korea next month to be a part of a Mochimochi Land art show. You have until April 21st to send us your gnomes—find out more about this project here. And keep an eye on Instagram for gnome updates whenever we have new arrivals!

7 thoughts on “86 Gnomes and Counting

  1. How many gnomes are you aiming to have from everyone? Do you have a number in mind?

  2. No number in mind, just as many as people want to send in. I’m thrilled with 86, and I would love more too!

  3. ooh! squee!!! I see some that friends of mine have made and the nice Post Office gnome said my package is now waiting on your doorstep!

    So many cute little gnomes!!!

  4. Hi Anna,

    I’m sooo excited about your project! I tweeted you about the question and am hoping you’d let me know! Basically I’m wondering if I’m allowed to give the gnome a poofy beard though or felting the gnome? Or would you prefer it to be strictly adhering to the pattern you’ve posted? Thanks! I’d appreciate your response :)

  5. Molly, that’s absolutely fine! Little variations like that are what makes this project really fun. The only rule is that your gnome be under 4″.

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