A Good Day for Lumberjacks


The US Supreme Court has ruled that these guys have a right to get married!

Funky Fleece

There are many uses for wool in Mochimochi Land! (Too many, maybe.)

Made with help from Maureen Boyle. Funky music by William Steffey.

Happy Baa-lentine’s Day

When love is in the air in Mochimochi Land, the results come quickly. May love blossom all around you this weekend!

Animation made with help from Maureen Boyle.

(A pattern for the tiny rose is available for free, and the sheep pattern is coming soon!)

Time-Lapse Video of Animation Setup

We made a stop-motion animation yesterday—coming soon! Maureen had the foresight to shoot a time-lapse video as we were setting up and beginning to animate.

This was just the start of our production—about three hours of animating followed. Many more nails were bitten along the way. But I think it’s going to turn out cute!

Merry Christmas!

(Note: no penguins were harmed in the making of this video, even though the penguins in Mochimochi Land taste like licorice, which is one of the walruses’ favorite candy flavors.)