Arise, Creepy Kittens!


The time has come to knit something spooky. Something ookie. Something cozy and squozy and vaguely feline. Spooky Ookie Cats are (vampire) bite sized, intermediate-level projects designed to satisfy all your October cravings for snuggles and weirdness.

Knit a Guitar Case Cat ⚰️, Ghostie Cat 👻, Jack-o-Cat 🎃, and Itchy Witchy Hat Cat 🎩 in a just few hours each with this collection. Dust off your spookiest yarn scraps for these projects! The PDF download is now available from the Mochimochi Shop and Ravelry.

Thank you to Marilyn Passmore for her tech editing, and to Linda, Rebecca, and Amanda for test knitting!

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