Cute Things

Hello Kitty Re-Ment Giveaway!

Update: The winners have been randomly selected!

I just got the cutest gift in the mail from a special person in Japan. It’s so cute, in fact, that I don’t have words. So I will show a sequence of photos instead.






If you’re not in love, you have no soul. I mean, itty-bitty nutritional information!

Now, this is just too awesome not to share, so I’m going to give away one of these boxes to a commenter. Leave a comment to this post telling us about your favorite thing to get at the grocery store. (Just one comment per person please.) I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday!

Infinite Hugs

Look what I learned to make in Photoshop: endless hugging gnomes!


Here’s the repeated motif up close.


I had the idea to make repeated patterns a couple years back, when I got the book Digital Textile Design.


I never quite had the motivation to tackle this project, though, thinking that I had to make illustrations first. It was only at the suggestion of the clever people at my art agency, CWC-i, that I recently picked up the book again and started making patterns using photos of my characters. And now I can’t stop! (It’s pretty simple if you have Photoshop.)

Any thoughts on what the hugging gnomes should be printed on? I’m thinking little bags and notebooks. Maybe even scarves or a skirt!

Twiggins Get Cozy

Update: The Rainbow Twiggins have been sold and are no longer available.

Some mysterious new creatures recently took up residence in our apartment…


It’s the Berry Twiggins that I made for gallery hanahou’s most recent “Luv-able & Hug-able” plush show!


I wasn’t loving the idea of shoving of them under the bed when I got them back from the gallery, but I also wasn’t ready for the commitment of nails in the wall. So it was lucky that I noticed a little spot where they could fit right in!

I’m holding onto these guys, but the other two Twiggins pieces are still available:

Rainbow Twiggins are the noisiest variety of this new species, constantly singing their off-key folk tunes.


And Citrus Twiggins are mischievous little thieves who have never worked a day in their lives.


The Rainbow Twiggins piece is available for $95, and the Citrus Twiggins piece is $65.

Email me if you’re interested in either of these!


Look what else the winner of the Mochimochi Photo Contest will get!


It’s a giant edmame that is also a dog. Don’t you love it?

The deadline for entries is November 21st. Check out all the contest details here!

Thanks to John for being a lovely model!

UNIQLO’s Army of Sheep

I was greeted by this display last month when I stopped by UNIQLO, one of my favorite clothing stores here in NYC.


I love how cute and kinda creepy they all are!