Cute Things

Twiggins Get Cozy

Update: The Rainbow Twiggins have been sold and are no longer available.

Some mysterious new creatures recently took up residence in our apartment…


It’s the Berry Twiggins that I made for gallery hanahou’s most recent “Luv-able & Hug-able” plush show!


I wasn’t loving the idea of shoving of them under the bed when I got them back from the gallery, but I also wasn’t ready for the commitment of nails in the wall. So it was lucky that I noticed a little spot where they could fit right in!

I’m holding onto these guys, but the other two Twiggins pieces are still available:

Rainbow Twiggins are the noisiest variety of this new species, constantly singing their off-key folk tunes.


And Citrus Twiggins are mischievous little thieves who have never worked a day in their lives.


The Rainbow Twiggins piece is available for $95, and the Citrus Twiggins piece is $65.

Email me if you’re interested in either of these!


Look what else the winner of the Mochimochi Photo Contest will get!


It’s a giant edmame that is also a dog. Don’t you love it?

The deadline for entries is November 21st. Check out all the contest details here!

Thanks to John for being a lovely model!

UNIQLO’s Army of Sheep

I was greeted by this display last month when I stopped by UNIQLO, one of my favorite clothing stores here in NYC.


I love how cute and kinda creepy they all are!

Hello Kitty Wagashi

We all know that Hello Kitty has been everywhere and done everything. Still, I’m always a sucker for a Hello Kitty/Japanese food combo. See how cute!


I love the detail put into this Re-Ment set—even her cushion is molded to look like it has a soft texture. And don’t even get me started on the traditional Kitty sweets.

And guess what: I bought two of these blind boxes, and the other one is going to the winner of the Mochimochi Photo Contest, along with lots of other goodies from Japan! Just one more reason to enter! The deadline is coming up in two weeks, so there’s still plenty of time to knit up a Mochimochi toy and take a fun picture.

Monorail Squirrel

I can’t not share this photo John took yesterday of a squirrel who really knows how to relax.


Sadly I am out of town and missed seeing it in person! Captions, of course, are welcome.