Tiny Koala will Sooth your Nasal Passages

Tiny Koala is always wondering what smells like cough drops… “Oh, wait, it’s me!”


That awesome winning caption comes from Michelle! That means Michelle wins a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop. Yay!

Speaking of which, why aren’t there any cough drop brands with a koala mascot? Or are there? We should really start a new cough drop company just to remedy this problem, if it is one.

Also, I have to say I was impressed by how many of you managed to come up with “koala” puns. Two honorable mentions that did so:
His bizarre plans to become a marsupial are finally “koala-escing.” by Caitlin

it’s not the size of the marsupial that counts – it’s his koala-ity by Katie

Thank you all for your captions!

5 thoughts on “Tiny Koala will Sooth your Nasal Passages

  1. I think that Celestial Seasons had a koala on a pack of their cough drops at one time. Who knows if they still make them now, but they were my favorite (I despise cherry flavored anything.)

  2. I think there was a short-lived one years ago when the Japanese were mad for anything Australian (as opposed to now, when the opposite applies – karma, it’s beautiful thing ^_^ )

    But the honest truth is that, despite how cute they look, Koalas smell really, really bad!

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