Tiny Koala


Winning caption by Michelle:
Tiny Koala is always wondering what smells like cough drops… “Oh, wait, it’s me!”

This little Aussie looks innocent enough, but is he really? Leave your cute/funny caption in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday for a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop!

45 thoughts on “Tiny Koala

  1. Tiny koala has promised unspeakable vengence on the next person who calls him a cute little bear

  2. I is will hugs your needles so they is will stay together, like a bike lock for knitting needles

  3. Its so weird that you knitted a tiny koala, bacause I just moved to Australia……

    here is my caption:

    I’m just a sweet little innocent koala. . .
    NOW DIE EUCALYPTUS LEAF, DIE!!!!! *munching noises*

  4. haha! My husband and I were just talking about Koalas and how vicious they are despite their cuddly appearance.

    I’d have to caption it with.
    “I may be cute, but cuddle me and I’ll scratch your eyes out.”

  5. Bamboo Needles? I ain’t no panda!
    Call me when you get some eucalyptus needles then i’ll be your mate!

  6. The cute marsupials challenge: Let’s start a eucalyptus-eating contest!
    (Wouldn’t be wise to accept as eucalyptus leafs are poisonous!)

  7. you know all this rumours about us? Not true! Just look into my cute dark eyes… That´s right, now you are getting tired, getting sleepy, you are hypnotized… and now you will knit me some eucalyptus…all the knit and purl you have…

  8. ” If I stay perfectly still just a monment longer, the fingers will go away. . . . . drat. Maybe I’ll just cuddle them into submission.”

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