Monorail Squirrel

I can’t not share this photo John took yesterday of a squirrel who really knows how to relax.


Sadly I am out of town and missed seeing it in person! Captions, of course, are welcome.

15 thoughts on “Monorail Squirrel

  1. Anna, do you remember the night we saw him hanging on the railing with his front arms draped over the top and we thought he was dead? He’s quite a character!!

  2. If only I was that chill right about now. What does Buffett say? Its quittin’ time somewhere!

  3. “help, help somebody… don’t look down, don’t look down. AARRRRR I LOOKED DOWN!

  4. talk to mr.squirrel if you want to know how to turn your fire excape into a relaxing retreat (for squirrels)

  5. Mono rail squirrel!
    We once lived in a house with a plum tree in the back yard, the squirrels would eat plums and then lay down on top of the fence just like this one.

  6. The first thing I thought when I saw this was “OMG, she has one too!”

    We have a little fellow like this who suns himself on our porch railing occasionally :)

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