Tiny Skunk



A knitted skunk is probably pretty safe, but maybe we shouldn’t take any chances. And I just realized that I forgot to give him a nose… maybe for the better as far as he’s concerned?

I’m traveling this weekend, so there won’t be a caption contest, but please leave yours in the comments anyway if you smell something funny!

21 thoughts on “Tiny Skunk

  1. Take a whiff, that ain’t no rose!
    Roll up yer window and hold yer nose
    You don’t have to look and you don’t have to see
    He is a knitted skunk as cute as can be

  2. Tiny skunk wishes people would stop seeing his behavior in terms of black and white!

  3. The tiny skunk makes me long for a tiny ninja…

    But my friends and I joke about being Febreze ninjas at anime conventions, so YMMV.

  4. If one more person tells me a joke that is: What is black, white and red all over?……….

  5. Me: “I’ve got a skunk staying with me over the summer”
    Friend: “What about the smell?”
    Me: “If he is going to live with me he is just going to have to get use to it!”

  6. Dawn:

    I so hope you make the pattern available on this one. What a little cutie.

    Yes, please could you post the pattern for this cute little creature – I would love to try and make one.

  7. My husband saw flushie and said if you’ll knit it – I’ll buy it. He works in waste water he he he. Then he saw the baby pundits and said. knit it I’ll pay for it. Wonders never cease-please post skunk please (he only thinks he smells large), and he has to smell better than where my hubby works or even some of the guys he works with.

  8. Just wanted to tell you that I found out I have a serious illness. I gave up on alot but one night stumbled on to this pattern for tiny tiny bunnies. I couldn’t do that- but if I could I could leave one for each of my grandchildren and one for my stalwart hubby they might get a smile instead of just tears at a furneral. I found that I could do it and surprize with each little bunnie I made on size WHAT? needles I found a little bit of joy in my heart and may be I want to live long enough to see your mini book and oh-pooh stitch them all for each of my grandchildren, children, hubby, the cat, the neighbors, my husbands boss, that sad lady in church, Yes, it’s the small things that count! Thanks :-)

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