Tiny Gnome at the Beach

I love this photo that Ravelry user Slohman took of Tiny Gnome on vacation!


Isn’t it fun how a simple color alteration can give this guy a new outfit (or no outfit at all, in the case of the dancing naked gnomes)? I wonder what else Tiny Gnome can do with the right threads…

If you’re looking for it, the Tiny Gnome pattern is available in the Mochimochi Shop, and it will also be included in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, coming out next month!

By the way, thank you for all the super sweet birthday wishes yesterday! 30 is off to a good start!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Gnome at the Beach

  1. I would be definitely tempted to make it so that his hair just happens to grow the same way as the hat (aka, make the hat an accessory). Must find even more fingering weight yarn!

  2. Awesome pic. Like how the Gnome matches the dood in the picture. Happy Knitting everyone

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