Coming Soon: Flushie the Toilet

Look who’s going to make a splash soon in Mochimochi Land!


I’m kind of ridiculously excited about this design—as fellow toy designer Katie Boyette must know, it feels like a real accomplishment to figure out how to knit a toilet. The pattern for Flushie the Toilet and his sidekick Professor Plunger will be in the Mochimochi Shop any day now.

Flushie seemed somehow appropriate for today because it’s my birthday, and I’m turning 30! I am not ashamed to be a real grownup age and knitting toilets for a living.

33 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Flushie the Toilet

  1. Happy Birthday dear! You’re a part of my daily life, and a real source of inspiration to me. Thank you to share your talent and your folie douce with us!

  2. Happy birthday Anna! And yes, it is an accomplishment to be making your living on knitted toilets at age 30. Not many people can say that!

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Those two are both sooo cute! The toilet came out great, and the plunger adds that much more cuteness to it. Can’t wait for it to be in the shop!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I love Flushy and his sidekick! I’m thinking birthday knitting for my husband ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Anna! It’s my birthday too, but I’m quite a bit older than 30! I love the toilet and plunger, and look forward to buying the pattern! Guess that makes me a big kid too?

  6. Happy Birthday, Anna! Here’s to many more years of knitting adorable toys! Not many people can say they’ve had their work in international art shows, by 30 even, so rock on.

  7. Happy birthday! I can’t wait for flushie. I will get that pattern when it comes!

  8. Happy Birthday! 30 isn’t so bad. I looked at my 30s as “this is who I am” decade. The 20’s always felt that it was a “do over” decade…but the 30s…you are who you are. :)

    Can’t wait for the pattern to come out. I tore my knee in China using a ‘squatty potty’ and the next time I visited…well…we were on the search for western toilets. I will knit it for my friend who still lives over there…with a little note “no more squatty potties.”

  9. Happy Birthday, Anna!!! I hope you’re having an amazing birthday!!

    I love love Flushie!! Absolutely brilliant!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to you!!….. Happy Birthday to youuu!!…… Happy Birthday dear Annaaa!!……. Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for all the patterns! Hope you have a great birthday! God Bless you!
    P.S. Can’t wait til Flushie and his sidekick comes out!

  11. That is so cute! I’ll definitely have to make one of those!

    And have a VERY VERY happy Birthday Anna!!

  12. Happy birthday! I can’t wait until Flushie’s pattern comes out, he and Professor Plunger are adorable.

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