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Kitschy Christmas Dog Giveaway

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I’ve been taking some much-needed time away from my computer and spending it instead with family, food, and furry creatures.

Speaking of which, it’s almost the last day of the year, and I’m finding myself with not one but TWO kitschy Christmas dogs from 1940s Japan.


One of these guys is destined to become a late Christmas present for someone I know, but one of them could be yours! I’d love to hear about your favorite thing that you knitted this year. Tell us about your favorite 2013 knitting project by leaving a comment, and I’ll randomly pick a winner on January 3rd.

If I can manage to sit in front of my computer for long enough, I’ll share my favorite project of 2013 tomorrow!

Bunny Carnival Ad will Melt your Heart

I simply can’t not share this ad that I spotted in a friend’s Facebook post yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve built up a tolerance to cute stuff, but then I see bunnies playing carnival games and I know that everything is going to be OK!

Suddenly Rainbow Gnomes

Sometimes my morning goes in a completely different direction from what I had planned. Today I was expecting a couple quiet hours of prototype knitting, but instead I started looking at some photos from last year, and then somehow I ended up with this screen in front of me.


So now I’m working on new buttons with colorful rainbow gnomes! You can expect to see them in the shop soon. (For now, you can get a variety pack of tiny mochi buttons.)

Free Luvbots Valentines Download

As robot experts can tell you, Luvbots are programmed for two things: falling in love and generating puns. So if you’re looking for an especially silly way to spread the love and make people smile this week, we have you covered with a sheet of FREE Luvbots valentines!


Just download the PDF, print (preferably on cover stock or card stock), cut along the dotted lines, and give to your favorite humanoids!

You know what would go great with these valentines? A hand-knitted Luvbot made by you! Or a shiny new screwdriver set. (Hm, speaking of puns…)

Hello Kitty Re-Ment Winners

I guess no one can resist miniature Hello Kitty-themed groceries, because we got 219 comments on Friday’s giveaway post! (You all made me seriously hungry with your descriptions of favorite things from the grocery store.)

Because there were so many funny and enthusiastic comments, I’ve decided to give away TWO blind boxes instead of just one!

And just so we can all further enjoy the cuteness contained in these boxes, I’m opening another one right now…




Gah, the cuteness is almost too much.

OK, now for the randomly selected winners…

Comment #155, by Myha:

My favorite thing at the grocery store is probably the bulk candy section… hehehe. I have a wee bit of a sweet tooth!

And comment #125, by Stephanie:

My favorite thing in a grocery store would have to be the bakery, specifically the cake section.. teehee! 8)

Congratulations to our winners! I’ll be in touch via email to get your addresses.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their supermarket cravings!