Category: Cute Things

Hello Kitty Wagashi

We all know that Hello Kitty has been everywhere and done everything. Still, I’m always a sucker for a Hello Kitty/Japanese food combo. See how cute!


I love the detail put into this Re-Ment set—even her cushion is molded to look like it has a soft texture. And don’t even get me started on the traditional Kitty sweets.

And guess what: I bought two of these blind boxes, and the other one is going to the winner of the Mochimochi Photo Contest, along with lots of other goodies from Japan! Just one more reason to enter! The deadline is coming up in two weeks, so there’s still plenty of time to knit up a Mochimochi toy and take a fun picture.

Existential Jelly Beans

Now that Easter has ended and most of the candy has been ravaged, let’s find out what our very serious trio of Jelly Beans have been thinking about…


To bean, or not to bean, that is the question.

That deep jelly bean thought was suggested by Lizzy, the winner of this week’s caption contest! Lizzy wins the spring PDF pattern collection of Ninjabun, Rainycloud, and Which Came First.


Congrats to Lizzy and thank you to everyone who participated!

Yeti Sighting

Look who we met today!


This mysterious yeti was housed in a glass enclosure near the Babylon Theater, where the Pictoplasma presentations are being held. He/she seemed friendly, but surprised me by jumping up against the glass when I got near.

I guess you never know who you’ll find in Berlin…

Cat Measuring Cups

How cute are these measuring cups!


These were a Christmas gift from my brother-in-law, and I’ve been meaning to do a post about them since January. I don’t have a lot of space for displaying cute stuff in my apartment, so it’s extra fun when I do get something worth making a space for. It’s also fun to think about measurements in terms of cats instead of cups. Add 2 cats of sugar and blend well!

I believe they came from Modcloth.

Oh hey a NEW Tiny Things collection will be coming to the shop tomorrow! Stay tuned!