Hello Kitty Re-Ment Giveaway!

Update: The winners have been randomly selected!

I just got the cutest gift in the mail from a special person in Japan. It’s so cute, in fact, that I don’t have words. So I will show a sequence of photos instead.






If you’re not in love, you have no soul. I mean, itty-bitty nutritional information!

Now, this is just too awesome not to share, so I’m going to give away one of these boxes to a commenter. Leave a comment to this post telling us about your favorite thing to get at the grocery store. (Just one comment per person please.) I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday!

220 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Re-Ment Giveaway!

  1. My favorite thing at the grocery store has to be wine. One glass a day is good for you… right?

  2. My favorite thing? Hmm, either Cafe Bustelo (the coffee I grew up on) or Scottish short bread cookies.

    Have you been to Mitsuwa, the Japanese grocery store/food court in Edgewater, NJ? I grew up not too far from there (it’s near the ferry from Manhattan) so nearly every weekend we went there for lunch and toys like that!

  3. My treat for grocery shopping used to be a bottle of diet coke. I am trying to be healthier, and switch to a bottle of sparkling Voss (water). ;)

  4. Mine is quorn burgers. Healthy and happy. And they’re like my catnip. However I have a slight allergy to them which gives me extreme hiccups whenever I eat one! However I love them so much that I just have to keep buying them!

  5. My favorite has to be my kiddos Silk Soy milk. She’s fought hard to keep eating by mouth and it reminds me how awesome she is every time I buy a container!

  6. My favorite thing to buy at the grocery store is a donut–but only one cause it’s a very special unhealthy treat. :-)

  7. I’ve got a sweet tooth so choccies & cakes is always a must in my basket….
    ….the basket would look great to carry my HumanBeans in :-D

  8. My favorite thing to get at the grocery store has to be chocolate, but only because they don’t sell yarn.

  9. Oh, so cute!!! I’ve got 2 little nieces who will love this! ( me too of course) I reaaly love the icecream, I wish there are HK icecreams I could eat myself!!

  10. My favourite thing at the grocery store is caramel Tim Tams! Because you need Tim Tams if you’re gonna do the Tim Tam Slam. :)

  11. I love to get apples at the grocery store—they’re just fun to pick out! :) I also like to get fun snacks like Angry Bird cookies and Teddy Grahams..

  12. belgian chocolate ice-cream. I have to run looking the other way to not open the freezer and grab some

  13. peanut butter cookies with mini ‘Reese’s cups’ in them. I’d love this little prize as I am 3rd generation grocer!

  14. When i go to the grocery store, i love fruits juices, choose the bottle’s form, the taste, their colours… i take three or four bottles every time.

  15. My favorite thing to buy at the store is Chocolate! That also happens to be my favorite spot in Whole Foods. There is every type of chocolate you can imagine and mixed with all sorts of tasty things. Yay!

  16. My local grocery store keeps a healthy supply of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout in stock which is good for a) drinking (of, course) and/or b) making Kate’s Beer Geek Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel …

  17. My favorite things to get from the grocery store are fruits and vegetables. And I don’t just mean because they’re healthy. They’re pretty, they don’t come in a brown box, they smell delicious while I’m hunting for other nommables, and they’re so colorful!

  18. My absolute favourite food to buy is Brie, grapes and baguettes. Best sandwiches ever!

  19. Flowers — weird I know, but when I break down and get some cheap flowers at the grocery store, it brightens my whole day.

  20. Wow, I don’t know what would happen to me if I could buy wine at the grocery store. (I’m in PEI)
    But the two things that upset me the most when I can’t get them are my SoNice Soy Milk and my Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice.

  21. I like the browse the bakery for fresh baked bread or maybe even a yummy cake or some donuts every once in a while.

  22. I love browsing for cookie dough because I’m too lazy to make my own. My favorite (and this is always a splurge because they’re a bit pricey) are Fatboy Cookies.

  23. Yummy stuff. Cheese. Fresh in-store baked sourdough multigrain bread. Fruit. Veggies.

    What a truly cute little box of grocery shopping!

  24. Mochi, of course! I have to make a special trip to one of the local Asian supermarkets to get them, so it makes them even more of a treat! Red bean is my favorite filling!

  25. Calbee Snow pea crisp! I pick it up all the time when I go grocery shopping at the Asian supermarket. It is a yummy snack!

  26. I am not sure what my favorite thing to buy is, but the thing I get most often is unsalted butter. I do a ton of baking and especially during the holidays buy the butter 4 pounds at a time.

  27. MY favorite thing to get at the grocery store is Kraft Mac and Cheese. Because there is nothing better in the world than Kraft Mac and Cheese.

  28. Hi Anna, you don’t have to include me in the drawing because I’m not sure what I’d do with this tiny stuff. I just found out about Re-Ment recently after visiting Japan and becoming obsessed with the Japanese character Kapibara-san. Don’t own any Re-Ment stuff though. My favorite things to buy in the grocery store in Japan were green onions, because they have so many different kinds and they are so long that they stick out of your bag, and fresh udon noodles, because we don’t have them here in Germany.

  29. Since she weighs 100 pounds, my rescue pup says my favorite thing is her grain-free dog food, because it makes HER happy!

  30. My favorite thing to get at the grocery store is chocolate, and M&M minis. I always sneak them in the basket when my husband is with me, and use the leftover containers to store my knitting notions :-)

  31. I love to get green tea ginger ale at the regular grocery store, but at the Asian market I always get aloe juice and roast pork buns! Yum!

  32. Eggplant. That’s a bit odd, right? Can you teach me how to knit an eggplant if I win? or may create a pattern if I don’t?

  33. Hmmm my favorite thing is usually something from the bakery, but I’m all out of feta cheese and that makes me sad, so that will be my favorite thing on my next trip!

  34. Treats for me. Might be a noodle cup for lunch, a bar of chocolate or a little debbie oatmeal pie.

  35. My fave thing to get from the grocery store is CHOCOLATE! (And eggs, but not to eat together.)

  36. My favorite thing to get is cookies or chocolate bars.

    If I had Hello Kitty grocery set I would let my yarn toys, fairies and cats play grocery store with it.

    Love your books and website!

  37. I love the bulk food section. Nuts, rice, beans, flour, trail mix, chocolate chips, dried fruit, and all the spices you need in any amount you need! It’s my favorite place to go for a snack.

  38. Hello Kitty!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!

    My favourite thing? Pita bread. But I also love going to the Bulk Barn and finding something new to try.

  39. Cheeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!!! All sorts of funky, different cheeses. To me, cheese is love!!!!! :)

  40. I’m going to assume you mean food-related purchase, so I’m going with ice cream.

    However, my favored grocer does in fact sell yarn, so really, it would totally be the yarn.

    And look at the tiny cookies!

  41. I love the olive bar. So many olives, so little time!(and to get to the olive bar I have to pass the amazing cheeses- so it’s a win win situation)

  42. My favorite things to buy at the grocery store are these little toy buses, they are so cute and tiny, they even have tiny graffiti on them! Who wouldn’t want that?

  43. Hands down my favourite thing at the grocery store is the fixings to make nachos. I love nachos!

  44. I think…a whole chicken. I see so much possibility. There will be roast chicken, then maybe chicken sandwiches with leftovers, and all the bits will go in the crock pot for chicken stock. I got one today and the house smells divine as its roasting, slathered in butter, rosemary and lemon :)

  45. I love buying flour to make different kinds of bread. Stores carry so much more than plain white or wheat anymore…I love the variety.

  46. I love buying…mmm food…and new cat treats! ha! my cat jupiter gets super excited when I get home from the store…new treats?! she knows where I have been! :)

  47. My favorite thing to get at the store is Salt and vinegar chips! I’m a snack food junkie!

  48. My favorite thing in a grocery store would have to be the bakery, specifically the cake section.. teehee! 8)

  49. My favourite thing would be onion ring crisps. It reminds me of being a child again and is my secret guilty pleasure.

  50. The teeny tiny pink Paper Towels (or toilet paper??) on the box just kills me. So. Dang. Cute! (Is it soft? Two Ply? So many questions! LOL!)

    Regular store… I have an addiction to Garlic Bread and Salad mixes right now.

  51. My favourite thing to get at the grocery store is some kind of decadent, delicious thing that I have to sneak in past my ever observant hubby who is on a health kick and my 15 year old daughter who has a radar for these things, as well as my giant poodle, Bear (who just eats everything-he is a true poodle pig dog) So I get the theme music in my head- dah dah dah-da dah dah dah- da diddly-oooooo diddly-ooooooo dah-duh, and get into my best secret spy mode, and get that delicious (fill in the blank) into the house, unseen, and into my secret place. (which I can’t tell you where that is now, as I would have to kill you).

  52. squeee. These are so cute! My fave thing to buy at the supermarket has to be pizza. Pizza is my fave food and they make it right there for you and its so yummy. I especially love chilli oil on mine!

  53. Double squeeee! My favorite grocery story purchase is freshly baked bread! Or….Top Pot Doughnuts! Mmmmm.

  54. Oh man. I’ve been trying not to collect this set, since I already have the HK sushi go-round from Re-Ment. I mean, how much Hello Kitty mini plastic food does one person need? Apparently- a lot! Um, I like fresh mozzarella cheese. I buy it, I eat it, I feel a little guilty later, but then I remember it has calcium, so that’s healthy I think.

  55. i actually work at a grocery store! my favorite thing to get is a donut from the bakeshop (or anything from the bakeshop, really) in the morning. the woman who makes them is a sweetie pie, too.

  56. PJ’s organic burritos that I just tried for the first time and has immediately went to the top of every grocery list.

  57. I love to get Skor bars at the grocery store… or random crazy holiday things from the mark down bin!

  58. My favorite thing at the grocery store is probably the bulk candy section… hehehe. I have a wee bit of a sweet tooth!

  59. My favourite thing to get would be Kinder Eggs. I love surprises and toys too, so perfect for me^^.

  60. My favorite thing to get is OUT! I hate grocery shopping lol. (&a small bag of chips as a reward for having gone)

  61. I love letting my kids pick out a fruit or vegetable. We always end up getting something interesting that we haven’t tried before (or something new that they’ve discovered they love!) like starfruit, kiwis, mangoes, and once, I even talked them into a dragon fruit.

  62. My favorite item to buy in the grocery store is flavored coffee creamers that I enjoy as I am knitting and relaxing.

  63. I am so overwhelmed with the cuteness that it is hard to think about the grocery store! Favorite item? Oranges. Unless it’s blueberry season, instead.

  64. Those little supermarket products are SOOOOOOO ADORABLES!!!!!!!!!!! (^_^) Must haz now…… *drool*

    Anyhoo, whenever I’m at the grocery store, I’m a real sucker for small shortbread cookies… YUM! {Wegmans has the best!!} :D

  65. My favorite thing to get at the grocery store is apples becuase you can eat them as they are or make pies and other treats with them.

  66. My favorite thing at a grocery store is to pick out a fruit or vegetable new to me. I sniff it, and heft it, and thump it then go home and figure out how to serve it. It’s not just grocery shopping, it’s an adventure!

  67. It depends on the grocery store, but if it’s Fresh Market, chicken pot pie is the hands down winner. Now wouldn’t that make an adorable mochi? Chicken pot pie!

  68. Favorite thing: picking up a cookies and cream white chocolate candy bar while standing in line

  69. Poise pads! They’ve saved me from embarrassment many a time. Just wait, you young’uns.

  70. I love going to the bulk bins at my grocery store and buying a little bit of whatever strikes my fancy. This time, it was organic pineapple rings! Yum!

  71. I have a new favorite thing from the grocery store. Haagen Dasz Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato!!!

  72. OMG, that is so unbelievably cute! I would have loved to play with that as a girl. Who am I kidding? I would play with that now!

    My favorite thing to buy at the grocery store is probably ice cream.

  73. Maybe sorgum flour my brother has celiac and we have had such a big change but we use it a lot.

  74. My favorite thing? The one that makes thec whole trip magical and special, even if the rest of the day was disgustingly bad? Cheetoes.

  75. Fav thing to buy would be yogurt, I love it and there’s so many different flavours and types to choose from :).

  76. my favorite thing to get at the grocery store? trader joe’s chocolate croissants! mmmmmmmm, they’re dangerously delicious!

  77. When I go to the grocery store, (which is not very offin) my faverate thing to buy is a toy! I’m especially interested in the barbies they have in Hy-vee! <3 (I'm still a kid, so i don't shop for food.)

  78. Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments! (They’re making me really hungry…)

    I’m about to choose a winner, so I’m cutting the eligible comments off here.

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