Free Luvbots Valentines Download

As robot experts can tell you, Luvbots are programmed for two things: falling in love and generating puns. So if you’re looking for an especially silly way to spread the love and make people smile this week, we have you covered with a sheet of FREE Luvbots valentines!


Just download the PDF, print (preferably on cover stock or card stock), cut along the dotted lines, and give to your favorite humanoids!

You know what would go great with these valentines? A hand-knitted Luvbot made by you! Or a shiny new screwdriver set. (Hm, speaking of puns…)

5 thoughts on “Free Luvbots Valentines Download

  1. So I almost tripped over myself trying to download this. . .like if I didn’t do it right away it might disappear! ;). Download was successful, thanks!

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