Infinite Hugs

Look what I learned to make in Photoshop: endless hugging gnomes!


Here’s the repeated motif up close.


I had the idea to make repeated patterns a couple years back, when I got the book Digital Textile Design.


I never quite had the motivation to tackle this project, though, thinking that I had to make illustrations first. It was only at the suggestion of the clever people at my art agency, CWC-i, that I recently picked up the book again and started making patterns using photos of my characters. And now I can’t stop! (It’s pretty simple if you have Photoshop.)

Any thoughts on what the hugging gnomes should be printed on? I’m thinking little bags and notebooks. Maybe even scarves or a skirt!

14 thoughts on “Infinite Hugs

  1. How about fabric at spoonflower? Then we could make our own gnomey clothes. I think it would be adorable on a little girl’s dress.

  2. This would make an adorable sock knitting bag! Or a wee little skirt for a wee little girl. So great!

  3. That would look really cure on a project bag. I like Stefanie’s idea, too; having it as fabric so we could make our own clothes and things would be neat! Or maybe use just the single image and put it on a pin, or and iron-on design so we could put it on a bag or t-shirt that we already have would be cute, too. So many possibilities!

  4. All great ideas! I checked out Spoonflower some time ago, and it does seem like a good time to look into it again. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Ahh, so adorable! I think I would buy anything with those cuties on it. Fabric is a great idea! I think bags or maybe little zippered pouches would be fun.

  6. Im with Renee, a zippered pouch would be adorable, though the fabric would be a lot more versitile

  7. i hope you dont mind but i have officially used this image as my desktop backgound, couldn’t resist just too cute!!!!!! oh nd i think that it would make an amazing fabric <3

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