Hold on to your Hat

It’s a very windy day in Mochimochi Land!


(This little animation was a blast to make—I used three different gnomes: regular gnome, gnome with his hands holding his hat, and a hatless model!)

22 thoughts on “Hold on to your Hat

  1. Hi Anna! I totally love that adorable little animation! I have an idea for a tiny you could possibly make… How about a tiny dress?! I thought it would be so awesome if you made naked tinys and gave them outfits and sold them at the shop! I would absolutely adore that!


  2. Anna, your animations are a hit with my 3 year old! Do all three year olds love iPhone 4S?

  3. LOL Nancy Eva! That would be hilariously cute, with a tiny umbrella and skirt! LOL! :-D

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