Mochimochi Photo Contest

Kendra’s Hugs Seeks a Squoze

We finish up our run of honorable-mention videos with this one by Kendra, whose Hugs is looking for his long-lost Squoze.

Thank you again to everyone who entered our photo + video contest this year!

Elisabeth and Niklas Show us How to Catch a Thwicked

Elisabeth knitted the creatures and her 13-year-old son, Niklas, created the video.

Such a fun project for a mother-and-son team!

Heather’s Silent Zombie Flick

Heather treats us to a silent film featuring some pretty grisly tiny zombies!

In her description on YouTube, Heather says that she “tried out the Stopmo app for the first time today.” Pretty awesome for the first try! It seems like she’s referring to this app, which looks like a great option for anyone who’s interested in playing around with stop motion.

Phia’s Frozen Outtakes

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas or/and a happy Hanukkah! We are lucky enough to be spending the last few days of 2014 in John’s hometown in New Hampshire.

While we wait for the new year, how about a few more videos from the 8th Annual Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest? Although the contest has ended, our admiration for these great entries goes on!

Like this cute and funny stop-motion video by Phia:

See, even Disney productions have their bloopers!

Michelle’s Mochi Christmas

This video by Michelle has the mochis at their most festive!