Spooky Spooky Winners!

I hope everyone had a very happy Halloween! Ours was extra cute this year because we got to enjoy some very cool entries in our first-ever Spooky Spooky Contest! I had originally planned to select three winners, but picking three just wasn’t possible! So we ended up with four.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are our SPOOKY SPOOKY WINNERS!

I love spooky things by Jennaferhay

How fun is this arrangement of assorted spooky characters!

Patterns: Candy Corn, Tiny Terrors, Tiny Fall patterns, and Tiny Ghost from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi

That time of year when Mochimochi Land characters get Spooky Spooky by Frauborgmann

(Click to play video!)

So much drama and terror in this little video. Bravo!

Patterns: Tiny Gnome, Sophie & Chanel, Octopus from Adventures in Mochimochi Land, Spooky Ookie Cats

Witchy Tableau by Antipodeanstitchwitch

This adorable scene is comprised of some exquisite Mochimochis and mods!
(This fiber artist’s original creations are also amazing—check them out!)

Patterns (via the knitter’s caption: I modified the What-to-Werewolf [from Super-Scary Mochimochi] to make my witch. The white mouse is based on the Tiny Armadillo pattern [from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi]. I also used the Tiny Owl, Plucky Mushrooms, Tiny Cacti and Cat in a Life Preserver patterns.Oh!! I also scaled down the free snail pattern to make a teeny tiny snail (it’s munching on the pot plant).

Fright Night by Aliceisknitting67

(Click to play video!)

OK Alice’s entry is beyond spooky and hilarious! Well done!!

Patterns: Tiny Gnome, Tiny Balloon from Adventures in Mochimochi Land, and Alice’s imagination!

How great are these!!! Check out all the spooky spooky entries (there are many more fantastic ones!) at the #Spookyspookymochimochi hashtag.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! You are all such an inspiration to me!

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  1. I really enjoyed viewing these winners posts. They certainly deserved to win. Made my creative mind go bonkers! Thanks

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