10th Anniversary of Gnomes vs Snowmen

Ten years ago today, the gnomes and snowmen of Mochimochi Land faced off in an epic battle. Snow heads rolled. Gnomes were squashed flat. Santa’s sleigh was commandeered for aerial snowball drops. It was not pretty, but it was pretty cute.

These events took place for a few weeks at the wonderful gallery hanahou (RIP!) in NYC in 2011, thanks to Koko Nakano and her team, but they live on in our memories. And in some photos!

Since their great battle, the gnomes and snowmen have mostly lived together in a spirit of tolerance. They joined up for a friendly reenactment for Nickelodeon in 2013…

…but that was all in good fun.

If you’d like to knit a gnome, you can find the pattern in my book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi or as part of the Tiny Collection 3 (or as a kit!). You can find the pattern for the snowman here as a PDF download.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy you little friends! You are so amazing, you always brighten my day!

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