Knit gnomes and alpaca with me on December 10th!

I’m returning to Virtual Knitting LIVE next month with some popular classes on December 10th! Come join me in knitting gnomes or alpaca… or both!


Knit a Tiny Gnome
In this two-hour class, we’ll cover intermediate techniques used in my tiny gnome pattern: joining I-cord legs, knitting with 2, 3, and 4 double-pointed needles, switching colors, attaching I-cord arms, and embroidery tips. Your gnome can be clothed or gnaked—your choice!


Short Rows in Toy Knitting: Tiny Alpaca

Learn to tackle more advanced knitted toys with wrap & turn short rows! We’ll discuss this technique as it applies to toys and get started on knitting a tiny alpaca that incorporates it. In addition to short rows, we’ll cover picking up stitches, I-cord limbs, and face embroidery. By the end of the class you’ll be on your way to finishing your first alpaca, probably with whole herd to follow!

Technique Requirements: Circular knitting

👉 See the Vogue Knitting LIVE website for more info and registration! (Classes are listed under my name, Anna Hrachovec.)