Introducing Tori the Tiny Triceratops

She’s cute, she’s Cretaceous, she’s Tori the Tiny Triceratops—ready to be knit by you! Tori is all about flaunting her crest and living the vegetarian lifestyle, and her pattern is all about using yarnovers for simplicity and elegance: yarnover holes guide you in foot and horn placement, and the crest is a picot pop that completes her perfectly prehistoric look.

Tori’s pattern is available exclusively in the Knitrino app, which you can get in your favorite app store. It’s an interactive pattern with charts, photos, and video! Right now you can also purchase a kit for Tori that includes gorgeous Hand Dyed Diva yarn, plus sign up for a virtual dinosaur workshop with me on December 5th!

If you haven’t used Knitrino before, definitely give it a try—it’s intuitive to use and comes with a fun and very welcoming community. And it’s the most portable way to knit patterns on the go—especially tiny ones! It doesn’t hurt that Knitrino’s creators, sisters Andrea and Alison, are just the best people you could meet.

I personally LOVE this pattern, and I have a feeling that, once you knit a Tori, you will want to knit more(-y), and more(-y)!