Pattern sales supporting refugees

Update: Thank you for helping us raise $210, which we matched for a total of $420, for refugees!

While some of us are stressing over who is and isn’t “knitworthy” this time of year, others are starting completely over in a new country. I’ve been reading about the needs of newly arrived refugees in the Chicago area—it’s everything from furniture to English classes to food support.

For the month November, all proceeds from sales of my Homely and Hut pattern, Tiny Thanksgiving patterns, and Tiny Sugarplum Fairies pattern will go to support refugees who are resetting in the Chicago area. (Purchases of these patterns from both the Mochimochi Shop and my Ravelry Shop apply.)

And if you can, I hope you’ll support a resettlement organization in your area. (Here’s a list of organizations working in many states in the US.)