Photo + Video Contest update

A couple of happy updates about the 2022 Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest!

First, due to Covid nonsense, the deadline has officially been extended to September 7th. You have so much time to finish your entries! (But get started now because September will be coming soon!)

And second, we have a new prize! Our top three winners will each receive a copy of Patty Lyons’ Bag of Knitting Tricks (featuring illustrations by Franklin Habit)!

This book is available for preorder right now—I can’t wait to have it in my hands!

That’s in addition to trophies made by yours truly, along with gift cards to the Mochimochi Shop.

See the full contest details on how to enter!

One thought on “Photo + Video Contest update

  1. I’m sorry that you have COVID nonsense affecting your life. I hope it all clears out rapidly and completely.

    I hope this extra time helps people get in more entries. I love looking at all the offerings in this contest!

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