Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest BONUS Awards

We had so many terrific entries in the 2020 Mochimochi Photo + Video Contest, I have some BONUS awards to give out in addition to our top three winners.

Each of these creators will receive a $15 gift card to the Mochimochi Shop!

Click on the title or image to be taken to the full video or photo series on social media.

BEST KNITTING THEME: Little Helpers by Bonnie

BEST BIRDS IN FLIGHT: The Great Escape by Tammy G

BEST NEWS GRAPHICS: Breaking News by Lora

BEST ALIEN: What If? by Ursula B

BEST SOUND: An Axe-ccident Waiting to Happen by Hueymcr

BEST NUDITY: If you go down in the woods today by LundeLinda

Congratulations to these creative thinkers! I could have given out so many more awards, but we just had to stop somewhere. Thanks again to everybody who took part in our contest this summer. Keep sharing your creations on social media using the hashtag #mochimochiland!

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