I’m thrilled to be returning to Berlin next month with a new show at smallspace in conjunction with the Pictoplasma Festival!


Here’s the official description:

The Wooly Woods

Fiber artist Anna Hrachovec brings to life a candy-colored forest crawling with curious fauna. Continuing her study of the imaginary realm Mochimochi Land, Anna combines found wood with brightly-hued yarn to create miniature landscapes where snails, butterflies, and birds interact with an exploding population of native wood-dwelling mammals called twiggins. The tiny dramas that play out in the branches are inspired by the fortuitous bends and twists of the wood, leading viewers to notice the beauty in the smallest bits of nature.

The Wooly Woods
April 10-14
smallspace gallery
Brunnenstrasse 178-179
10119 Berlin
Opening reception: Wednesday, April 10th, 7-9pm


The concept for the show developed out what I saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NYC. The number of trees and branches that came down was astounding—in Prospect Park alone (my favorite place in Brooklyn), more than 300 trees came down and more than 1,000 large branches fell. The scene was sad and awe-inspiring in its scale, and still lingers nearly 5 months later.


I was inspired by this natural destruction to create something playful and magical out of the waste.


This has been an intense project, with 30 pieces ranging in size from 4 inches to 4 feet, and I can’t wait to share it with the people of Berlin and the Pictoplasma festival-goers.


I will also be leading a monster-knitting workshop on April 13th!


Full details are on the Pictoplasma website.

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