The Funniest Rabbits

Hello Mochimochi Land. Anna’s husband John here, contributing a guest post to Bunny Week. As the most loyal Mochimochi fans may know, my job is to write about video games. Anna asked me if there are any bunny-related games that I like. In fact, there is one:


My favorite bunny-related game is Rabbids Go Home. It’s a Wii game that came out last year. The main characters are a bunch of bunnies who live at the dump. One day, they get the impression that the moon is their homeland, so they decide to build a garbage pile tall enough to reach the moon.

I reviewed Rabbids Go Home for The A.V. Club last year. It’s a funny game. If you have a Wii, check it out!

3 thoughts on “The Funniest Rabbits

  1. I can’t believe I missed rabbit week :( These posts were great to come home to :)
    I go on a cruise for 7 whole days and I didn’t knit at ALL? Can you believe that? I need to knit something… fast!

  2. How funny, I miss four days of Mochimochi, and I miss a Rabid post!
    My son always reads over my shoulder as I read this blog, he likes to see the “teeny tiny” stuff.
    How fun to be reading and have him see his favorite video game!
    I dont play the video games myself, but this game cracks me up as I sit and watch him play.
    Thanks for helping the non-knitter in my house know that knitters and gamers co-exist in other homes!

  3. i know the felling, every time i’m finished knitting, i just HAVE to knit something else.its a sudden urge i always sem to get. and 7 days without knitting???


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