Here’s another great artist participating in the upcoming show I mentioned last week.


Marcus Oakley makes inviting pictures of ’70s musicians, talking animals, and still life. In addition to showing his artwork in our gallery, we represent him commercially at CWC-i. He’s worked with lots of awesome people over the years, including Paul Smith.


One of Marcus’s biggest influences is the music of the Beach Boys, as he discussed in this interview with Mary Jo Matsumoto. Lyrics from their songs often find their way into Marcus’s artwork, and he had their music played in the background during his last solo exhibition.


I admire the way that Marcus’s style is folksy, but not so cutesy, which makes it stand out among much of the nature-centric art that is everywhere these days.


Marcus actually has his own solo show going on right now in London (details here), so if you’re in the area, please check it out!

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