Squirrel-infested Tree

This little tree has a big squirrel problem.


He’s got nothing against squirrels per se – in fact, some of his best friends are squirrels. Thing is, these particular squirrels are obsessed with the gym. They’re constantly talking about their spinning class, day in and day out, while the tree would rather discuss politics.


It’s not like they’re even that fit – they eat tons of nuts that go right to their squirrelly little thighs.


The finished piece is about 6 inches tall, and each full squirrel is about 1 inch long.

Now as seen on the Craft blog – thanks, Nat!

13 thoughts on “Squirrel-infested Tree

  1. I sympathize with the poor squirrels. Everything I eat goes to my thighs as well!

    P.S. Are those i-cord tail I see? I love the tree base. The lines of decreases are beautiful.

  2. how disturbing, but in such a cute way! That detail of the squirrel’s tail is amazing.

  3. Thanks, everyone!

    Yes, the squirrels’ tails are just a simple i-cord, tacked in place for the squirrelly loop. This was a really quick knit, which was a refreshing change.

    I am making TONS of lemmings right now, so stay tuned for more of those!

  4. So cute! you should show this to the yarn harlot. She wrote about a little squirrel stealing her wool this week…
    Thank you for the big smile on my face right now!

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