Update: Read an interview with Bonney about her stash!

While we’re on the topic of my lovely mother-in-law, and while we happen to be visiting my in-laws for the 4th of July holiday, let’s take a peek at her awesomely huge yarn stash:


Viewing this stash is like walking into a gothic cathedral: it inspires those in its presence to renew their belief in God (or knitting, as it were).


The room itself is sort of separate from the rest of the house, and may be the quietest place I’ve ever been. Thanks to the yarn, it has recording studio-worthy soundproofing, so it’s just you, the yarn, and that unsettling sound of the blood rushing through your head.


Bonney has been collecting this yarn for years, bravely taking in stride her family’s varied remarks about it. Personally, I can’t help but feel honored to be in the presence of all this fiber. At the same time, I like the lived-in quality of the stash room – it reflects the way that Bonney actively uses her stash as a resource and inspiration, instead of an untouchable Museum of Yarn.


Though if she wanted to, I think she could start charging admission.


I feel obligated to say that this isn’t all of Bonney’s yarn. The living culture that is her yarn stash has long since spread down the stairs, and into several other rooms, where it’s started growing baby yarn colonies.

It’s easy to make fun of someone who has such an obscenely large collection of yarn, but really, aren’t you just deeply jealous? Not me, because I get free yarn!

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