The List

Sometimes funny things happen to people who don’t have blogs.

My mother-in-law sent me an email earlier this week:

I was so wishing I had a blog on Friday. I was going to Concord and listening to the radio. I was kind of day dreaming when I finally realized they were reading a list of names. On and on they went, so I decided they were reading names of people from the area that were serving in Iraq or something along those lines. Then they said something like “Group D same sex.” What the heck?!?! I finally realized that I’d been listening to a list of lottery winners. “Winners” in the lottery for moose hunting!!!! They read names for an HOUR!!

She lives in New Hampshire, so I guess winning the moose lottery is a big deal there. Anyway, an amusing story. Unless you’re a moose.

8 thoughts on “The List

  1. What exactly is a moose lottery? Do yo win a moose or it just named after the animal moose or is it like…who can win to shoot a moose?

    New Hampshire must be a very weird state :).

  2. Leah, I did not hear my name BUT I did hear my neighbor’s and my first thought was “maybe they’re reading a list of sex offenders in New England”…… I’m not sure why I thought that about my neighbor who seems perfectly nice. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have my own blog.

  3. Wow, yes that would be a slightly more frightening list. But maybe they should read that on the radio sometime, too.

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