I would like us all to take a moment today to talk about cozies.


They’ve been coming up in a lot of my recent conversations with knitters, and I’m surprised at how polarizing they seem to be. I’m not talking about tea cozies, which are their own special breed of lovely knitting weirdness.


(That’s the brilliant work of katielewth, who won an honorable mention in our 2011 photo contest for it.)

I’m talking about cozies for everything else, but especially drinks of one kind or another. My gut reaction is to resist this knitting project, maybe because I don’t think anyone has ever desired a cozy. I think of them as the fruitcakes of the knitting world—something everyone has given or received at some point, but never something to really get excited about.

But yesterday I was talking to Esther Betten, one of the owners of Argyle, my lovely local yarn store in Brooklyn, and I discovered that she is a huge cozy advocate. She made two of the three pictured at the top of the post (I digitally added the eyes to the guy on the right—just couldn’t resist), and she passionately related her journey of finding blue mason jars (and accompanying mason jar sip lids) and combining them with handmade cozies for a low-budget and, well, cozy gift. Not only does she give them away, but she also sips coffee out of her own cozied-up mason jar every day.

I can’t question Esther’s cozy enthusiasm, but it seemed out of the blue to me, and I’m wondering if cozies are more popular than I had thought. So I want to hear what YOU think!

Important questions:
1) Have you ever made a (non-tea) cozy?
2) Do you ever use a cozy?

Less important questions:
3) Can a mochi be a cozy?
4) What’s so wrong with mugs with handles?

I’m hoping for a lively debate in the comments, so please don’t hold back!

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