Something Huge is Coming this Fall

It’s now on Amazon, so that makes it official: Huge & Huggable Mochimochi is coming this October!


My fourth book of patterns for knitted toys will be full of epic mochis with larger-than-life personalities to match. I want to leave most of the surprises for closer to the launch, but you can expect colossal creatures, giant vehicles, and blown-up everyday objects. Like my previous books, this one features fantastic photographs by Brandi Simons. And that gorgeous cover model? That’s my darling niece Nora!

The book is now available for pre-order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and starting October 15th it will be available everywhere in the US (including your LYS, I hope!), and I will also be shipping copies internationally from the Mochimochi Shop. October can’t come soon enough!

17 thoughts on “Something Huge is Coming this Fall

  1. Hurray! I’ve been in the mood for some huge knit toys. They seem less dangerous to babies and toddlers (provided I don’t stuff them with beans or something heavy). I just picture that my SIL’s baby would get into the minimochi and eat them all!

  2. Yay! Congratulations Anna! I ‘m sure it will be another awesome book from Mochimochi Land. :)

  3. That cake is going to eat that baby! Congrats on making another wonderful book! I can’t wait to see it!

  4. OH MY GOSH aaaaaah that is so cool!!!!! At the moment i’m crocheting a giant pear but now i really wanna knit a giant slice of birthday cake :D

  5. Anna, I cannot wait for this, especially since October is my birthday month!!! I might have to give a gift to myself :)

  6. Yayyyy, I’m so excited for you, and for me because I want those patterns! Congrats, Anna, on yet another sure-fire hit. Pretty cool how are books are supposed to come out around the same time, too. :)

  7. We are just grinning from ear to ear about this cover. We love the picture! We can’t wait to show it to Nora again when she is 13 or 14–how embarrassing!

  8. AWESOME! I just finished knitting Jumbo Gnome and it was so much fun. I can not wait for this book to come out.

  9. I was guessing that you were going to do a book of big patterns, maybe i am able to tell the future. Ok lets see is there a sting ray in the book?

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