Winter Fun with Tiny Gnomes

I’m not sorry to see winter go this year (especially since it’s taking its time here in NYC), but there will always be special things about the season that make it a little bit worth the darkness and cold, as I am reminded by this delightful series of photos that Alaskan Knitter took of her small army of tiny (and not-so-tiny) gnomes.

Teeny gnomes engage giant gnomes in a snowball fight…


The little guys win this round!


But they’d better not get too cocky…


A quick but fun escape!


Here’s a peek behind the scenes.


I love it when someone makes an epic mochi story with a series of photos.

Speaking of which, I’m about to announce this year’s springtime photo contest! As you might remember from last year’s Tiny Bunny Contest, for the spring photo contest we like to have a more narrow focus of characters, and we encourage storytelling and sequential photos. And we have a great new sponsor this year that I can’t wait to announce. Check back for all the details the first week of April!

5 thoughts on “Winter Fun with Tiny Gnomes

  1. Alaskan Knitter–Thank you for the very colorful, beautifully arranged and oh-so-creative depiction of the gnomes. You have brightened an otherwise very cold and dreary day!

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