I think it’s time I introduced this this guy.


He’s been a member of the family since I was a little kid, when my aunt Ruth Ann sent him for Christmas and I ran screaming from him. I was too creeped out by this furry creature with wild eyes and sharp teeth to believe that he had really been handmade for me, so he was kind of adopted by the whole family like an unpleasant but well-mannered pet. Most recently I found him waiting for me on the bed when I visited my parents two weeks ago.

Of course now I think it’s pretty awesome that I had an aunt who made a toy for me, especially since I’ve made a career of doing just that. Sadly my aunt Ruth Ann passed away before I even took up knitting, but I love that she shared her creativity with me early on, even if I didn’t appreciate it at the time. And now I get to make toys for my own niece—although I’m trying my best not to scare her with them!

What was the first handmade toy that someone gave you? I’d love to hear your stories!

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