Smonkey’s Stripe-tastic Two-Headed Beastie

I seem to have monsters on my mind this week, because this fantastic two-headed creature suddenly caught my attention, even though it’s been lurking in our Flickr group for a while.


He (they?) was made by Señora Monkeybutt (one of the better web handles I’ve seen!), and I’m glad I followed this photo to Ms. Monkeybutt’s photo stream, which is full of delightful stuff.

You too can knit a two-headed monster with endless variations with the “Mix n Match” menu of body parts in Super-Scary Mochimochi. I’d love to see more crazy Mix n Match variations pop up in our Mochimochi Friends Flickr group this month, so let’s make it fun: the maker of each monster that I feature this month will get a free Gobbledyghost PDF pattern!


Let’s see your wildest wooliest weirdos!

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