UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners!

It’s semifinalist time in the 2013 Mochimochi Photo Contest!

Today we present to you the first batch of ten semifinalist photos. It’s always really difficult to narrow the entries down, but John and I selected photos of mochis that were unexpected, that told stories, and that showed lots of originality. And cuteness, of course! We also decided not to have more than one photo by the same person in the semifinals this year.

And we need your input to help narrow the semifinals down to the ten finalists! So take a close look at these awesome photos and ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES in the comments to this post. Just leave a comment saying which photo or photos you would really like to see make it to the big final vote. Your feedback will really help us out!

Here they are, in no particular order, your first batch of semifinalist photos…

Stormtroopers Knit Droids by Taylor

We love how seriously these little guys take knitting!

Giant Squid Love by Jill

Just wow! Some amazing engineering going on here.

Sty Guys by Elly

Who knew there were so many varieties of Pigs with Wigs? Each really seems to have its own personality!

Poseidon by Shanna

Lovely scene and a great mod!

Tortoise and Hare: The Deleted Scene by Ilana

All those tiny shoes! (And that tiny foot measurer!) Awesome.

Snowman Friends by Emily F.

This one is so charming in its simplicity!

Herding Chicks by Emily

We didn’t know that tiny armadillos were good herders, but now it just seems obvious!

Polar Bear Plunge by juleenbean

Such a cute wintry scene! We love the set and the tiny mug!

It Looks Like a Purple People Eater to Me by wooly brain

Watch out, little guy! We love the composition and colors in this dramatic scene.

Best Beard Contest by The Happy Cupcake

It’s about time that someone featured one of the big gnome events of the year!

Aren’t these photos just super? Congrats to these clever knitters!

Now we need your help to narrow these down to the finalists. Don’t be shy—let us know which of these especially tickles you in the comments! And be sure to check back on Monday for the next batch of semifinalist photos!

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