Semifinalists ’13, Group Two

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners!

It was awesome to see all the impassioned comments on our last post of semifinalists—thanks, everyone! Let’s keep up the cheering for our next group of semifinalists, which we present to you today.

Like the last group, these are photos that John and I chose for their originality, their storytelling, and their overall cuteness. They are all winners to us, so we need your help narrowing these down for the finals! Take a good look at each, and ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES IN THE COMMENTS TO THIS POST.

Here they are, in no particular order, your final batch of semifinalist photos in the 2013 Mochimochi Photo Contest

Rappelling Gnome by Shannon

Go, go tiny gnome! We love this dramatic close-up.

Teeny Tiny Lolcats by Monica

Mochi cats plus internet meme equals happy! We love all the different breeds, too.

Knit Nested Birds by Hannah

The composition is just lovely. And happy wings!

PTA (Painted Turtles of America) Campout by ForeverWrens

We love how everyone seems to have a job in this busy scene, except maybe for the guy who’s just sitting on a rock. Adorable!

Thor! by Lucy

Thor indeed! The attention to detail in this very tiny knit is just awesome.

Giant Squid Attack by Amanda

It seems inevitable that Squidpocalypse would start attacking the other mochis sometime. The water and clouds are a great touch!

Mochi Burger Restaurant by Sarah

There’s so much going on here, but we especially love the tiny dog who’s getting a melted ice cream treat.

Hens Playing Quidditch by seakame

Awesome diorama! The 2D/3D combo is very clever.

Bird Conga by Bonnie

They’re rainbow penguins and they’re marching in formation! Enough said.

Luvbot Mending Broken Hearts by FatalsAttraction

There’s something irresistible about this photo. I think it’s how seriously Luvbot is taking his task.

Aren’t these all just the tops? Congrats to these witty knitters!

Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us which of these photos (it can be multiples!) you want to see in the finals. We’ll be taking all of your comments into consideration for the big final vote. The poll will open later this week, so don’t forget to check back and cast your vote!

155 thoughts on “Semifinalists ’13, Group Two

  1. Thanks so much for including my Squid Attack! (of course I’ve going to vote for it, BUT Thor and Repelling Gnome get my votes too!)

  2. This set was harder to decide than the last!

    Rapelling Gnome

    because they are nearer and dearer to me, I guess.

    Though all my votes would have gone to the nativity which is what I would have done, had I ever gotten together all the creativity.

  3. The Bird Conga Line, without a doubt. These are the cutest things ever and the colors are gorgeous. Fabu.

  4. I agree with DCAlane, this was a tougher choice than the last batch, but I’m going with the PTA. (With a shout out to rapelling gnome and mochi burger!)

  5. Thank you so much for including the PTA Campout! It’s an honor!

    So of course I vote for the PTA… :) I also vote for the LOLCats, the Mochi Burgers, and the Penguin Conga..All the photos are excellent!

  6. I vote for:
    1) Rappelling Gnome
    2) Luv Bot mending broken hearts
    3) bird conga

    (those three are just so irresistible, sorry I couldn’t pick just one. They’re in priority order, though! :) )

  7. Dear Anna & Jon,They are all fab but here are my top 3…..
    In third place “Sty Guys”
    In second place “Pta camp out”
    But “Bird Conga” is my fav.
    I really must try harder next year as I didn’t make the cut this year…. :(
    Keep up the fantastic work & Merry Christmas. xxx

  8. I vote for The Quidditch, grappling gnome, PTA,and the nested birds but they are all so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(-= =-)

  9. Awwww, thank you so much for including my Teeny Tiny Lolcats! They are teeny tiny mochimochi versions of my actual cats. :) The real cats are just as troublesome, I assure you…

    Anyway, I’m super flattered. There are soooo many cute mochis!!! I vote for my lolcats, but I also love Thor and the Luvbot!

  10. My top three favorites:
    1) Thor (that detail is amazing! I want one!)
    2) PTA Campout (the tiny turtles are adorable!)
    3) Hens Playing Quidditch (I have to vote for anything HP related and I love the 2D/3D as well!)

  11. LOVE the PTA campout scene! So adorable!!! :))

    Also a shout out to
    Nested Birds
    Mochi Burger Restaurant!

  12. Thank you so much for including my mochi burger restaurant scene! I am so honored, and would like to vote for myself… but I think everyone else’s knits are awesome, too, especially Giant Squid Love and the Tortoise and Hare shoe scene. Great job, everyone!

  13. I would like to vote for Knit Nested Birds, Thor, Mochi Burger Restaurant, Bird Conga and Luvbot Mending Broken Hearts Thanks and good luck : )

  14. what a great set of photos. i’d like to vote for nested birds and bird conga for the beautiful photography as well as luvbot mending knitting hearts for being both clever and cute!

  15. PTA Campout

    Love bot mending hearts

    And how you and John narrow it down beats me…because they are all so cute.

  16. Oh my gosh, I loved them all! These are my five favorite:

    -Bird Conga!
    -Knit Nested Birds!
    -PTA Campout!
    -Mochi Burger Restaurant!
    -Hens Playing Quidditch!

    :) :D

  17. With so many talented entries, it’s not easy to pick a favorite. However, mine would be PTA (Painted Turtles of America) Campout by ForeverWrens.
    The only thing missing is the cooler of beer, but, just as camping with my friends, it looks like that will be my job.

  18. Bird Conga and PTA! They’re all fantastic, though. Thor is probably my third favorite, because THOR.

  19. My favorite is LOVBOT because there are so many broken hearts in our world. What a great idea. I wish hearts could mend like this. Well done to all these artists. Amazing work!

  20. zomg i can’t handle all the cuteness!!

    rainbow penguins in a conga line?! ::dies::
    lolcatz in my yarns?!?! ::falls over::

    I vote for these two, obviously ;)

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