Project Gnome Diplomacy Update

Update to this update: Diny at Everyday Mooonday sent me these photos of the gnomes on their diplomatic mission—some are being given away with cafe orders, and others are being mailed out to friends of the gallery!



Time for an update on your tiny gnome diplomats!

The show at Seoul’s Everyday Mooonday gallery has now come down. I’m told that there were many visitors for the month that it was up, including plenty of cute kids.


Now the diplomats are ready to go on their official mission! Diny, the director at Everyday Mooonday, tells me that they’ve started giving them away through the gallery’s cafe. Each one comes with a little tag like this:


This one reads, “Hello I’m a gnome. Happy to meet you.”

There are several different requests on the tags, including:

“Please give me to a stranger.”

“Please give me to someone you meet today.”

“Please give me to someone who looks like they’re celebrating something!”

“Please give me to someone you really love.”

“Please give me someone who looks sad.”

“Please give me someone who says hello to you today for the first time!”

So with the help of the people who visit the gallery, your 333 little gnomes will spread smiles all over the city of Seoul—and probably beyond!

You can learn more about how this project got started here. Because of the great participation and the fun we’ve had, I’d love to do another similar project (whether with more gnome diplomats or something else) in the future!

Adventures in Mochimochi Land in the Tulsa World

This very nice article on Adventures in Mochimochi Land appeared in the Tulsa World last Thursday.


I love that it includes some quotes from my photographer, Brandi Simons, who lives in the Tulsa area. I’m originally from Owasso, OK, so it’s very special to receive some press for my book back in my hometown.

Thank you to James Watts and the Tulsa World!

Happy Fourth!


Made with help from Maureen Boyle.

Adventures in Ann Arbor July 11

I’m so excited to announce that John and I will be returning to Ann Arbor the weekend of July 11th for events at the district library!

On Saturday the 11th, join me from 2-5pm at the library for a tiny crab knitting workshop.


Bring some yarn and a set of double-pointed needles sized for the yarn, and things are going to get crabby! (I recommend size 1s for fingering-weight yarn, size 3s for sport-weight, and size 5s for worsted-weight.) The project is suitable for advanced-beginning knitters who are familiar with using double-pointed needles.

There will also be copies of my new book for sale, and I’ll sign one for you if you like!

Then at 2pm on Sunday the 12th, my husband and pop-culture genius John Teti will be giving a presentation on one of his favorite topics: The Price Is Right! Seriously, this is going to be fun.

If you live in Ann Arbor but can’t make it that weekend, you can download 20 of my patterns for free if you have a library card! Check them out on the AADL website.

Free Pattern: Tiny Nosey Fish

This is an intermediate-level BONUS pattern from Adventures in Mochimochi Land, now available from book sellers everywhere. (Signed copies are available from the Mochimochi Shop!)


There are many fish in the sea, including some really funny looking ones! In Adventures in Mochimochi Land, a certain species of long-snouted fish can be seen sniffing out the fishiest candidate in an muddy debate and following their noses when casting votes in the underwater election.


Combine with the other sea creatures from the book (plus tiny fish and mermaids from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi), to fill out your knitted aquarium! (You do have a knitted aquarium, right?)

More >

Bumble Bee Beanie Kit Giveaway Winner

Update: Kim sent a photo of her bee onesie—she wasn’t kidding about it!


I don’t know about you all, but now I want a bee onesie too.

Last week I blogged about an interview that Let’s Knit magazine did with me in their July 2015 issue, and I threw in a giveaway because it’s a little boring to just talk about myself.


It’s now time to randomly select a winner winner, which is… commenter number 8, Kim!

I had a huge collection of bee related stuff when I was little, and am currently sitting in my bee onesie as I type this, and with our first baby on the way, this would be awesome for them and me!

It seems that this is a very worthy winner. I for one would love to see this bee onesie that she was wearing as she typed!

Congrats, Kim! I’m emailing you for your mailing address right now.

A Good Day for Lumberjacks


The US Supreme Court has ruled that these guys have a right to get married!

Last Word Feature in Let’s Knit

Update: Congrats to Kim for winning the Bumble Bee Beanie kit giveaway!

Let’s Knit, the UK knitting magazine, has a one-page feature on me for their back page in the July 2015 issue!


I’m talking about how I first learned to knit, how Mochimochi Land got started, and about my new book.

Thank you to Molly at Let’s Knit for the nice feature!

One of the cool things about this magazine is that it always comes with a little gift. So with my copy I received a kit for a knitted baby Bumble Bee Beanie. Would you like to have it? Leave a comment saying why, and I’ll pick someone to give it to next week!