This will be an Elephant


This elephant is basically my first attempt at a more traditional stuffed animal. (Up until now, I’ve been mostly concentrating on “zany” abstract creatures and everyday objects.) I’m hoping that the he or she turns out to be cute and cuddly, as well as posess a unique shape. Right now, the trunk reminds me of the mouth on a Japanese octopus – but maybe that’s OK.


Here I have it quickly sewn up to see what it will look like. I’ll probably add some stumpy arms, and maybe tusks, then I’ll take it all apart and felt it before adding the eyes and making it up. Of course, I’ll post a photo when it’s finished. Probably I will.

If all goes well with this one, I’m hoping to do a series that includes a hippo and a bunny.

I’ll soon post some pics of other toys I’ve made lately – watch out for a happy musical note, shy blades of grass, and hearts for Valentine’s Day.