Esposito Pork Shop

Yesterday I took my mochis on our first ever photo shoot. The Sausage Dogs were just crying to be photographed in a real butcher’s, so I packed them up in a spare “Dag Bag” and we taxied over to Esposito Pork Shop (aka Esposito’s Meat Shop) in Manhattan, which boasts a classic exterior as well as plenty of hanging meat.


I was a little hesitant to ask the butchers if I could hang some stuffed animals I made up in their shop and take pictures. It seemed a little difficult to explain, and I haven’t even eaten meat in about ten years, so I was a bit out of my element.

But the head butcher immediately put me at ease – when I said I would like to take a photograph, he exclaimed that he had been in two movies with Cher, and proudly pointed to some pictures on the back wall. He seemed to be saying that he was a minor celebrity in his own right, and deserved to have people ask if they could take his picture. So the dogs had the honor of posing with the butcher, who said, “take as many as you want! You want me to wear the little piggies around my neck?” Yes, I did, so they went around his neck.



I’ll give him a photo for his help. And all you New York-based meat lovers, Esposito’s is the place!

So the photo shoot was a great success, and I hope to do more in the future with my other mochis. I really shouldn’t pass up the great backdrop that is New York.

Since I’ll probably never speak of butchers here again, below is a “classic” meat-themed commercial, courtesy of You Tube, for your enjoyment.

3 thoughts on “Esposito Pork Shop

  1. Wow!! I think I would have liked a picture of YOU holding the piggies in a meat market! Did you buy Johnny a pork chop? This was an adorable idea!

  2. Oh, Anna, I agree with Bonney. Your little doggie sausages are adorable. What a meatshop you picked, too. Pretty good find for a long-term vegetarian! I think you should frame the picture you give the butcher so your dogs can hang alongside Cher.

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