Little Swimming Pandas


This is a panda cory (Corydoras panda). These bottom dwelling mini-catfish are just about as cuddly as fish can get. The blog that I swiped the above image from describes them as “cute, comical, hardy, and friendly,” none of which were words I thought could describe fish until my husband (then boyfriend) brought some pandas home.

As a still photo, this panda has about 50% of the cuteness of live pandas swimming around. Since they’re bottom dwellers, they spend all day nudging their little whiskers around in the dirt at the bottom of the tank, and their characteristic “buddy system” means that they’re always playing follow the leader.


Also darling are hatchet fish (Gasteropelecus sternicla). To me, they look like little cartoon mayors swimming around the top of the tank. Their favorite activities include calling meetings and issuing resolutions. (They also like to jump, so keep that lid closed!)

Always do your research before buying a fish. They are animals that deserve good care and a proper environment!