… is the glorious sound of the crank being turned in a capsule toy machine. Much to my delight, there are whole stores dedicated to these humble contraptions in Japan. Kind of like a present-day automat for obsessive plastic toy collectors.


We fortuitously happened upon this tiny kacha-kacha store in Shibuya last week. It was just big enough for a few dozen capsule machines, a change machine, and one guy behind a curtain who read manga and handed out plastic bags to anyone who asked. (I asked.)


It was absolutely packed with kacha-kachas, each pregnant with glistening capsules containing a different series of toy.


The store included an entire collection of Hello Kitty goods, which came in their own special Hello Kitty capsules. Awww….

Some “gets”:


Kapibara-san was everywhere, of course. This little cell phone strap bobble is about as big as the tip of my pinky finger.


Characters from the series Robin and his 100 Friends from Pansonworks. (Robin is on the left.) At this time, there are only 7 of Robin’s friends that you can collect. Maybe more will come? Oh, and I just realized that the bases can be connected together – cool!


This wrinkled mushroom is a Nintendo DS case. My husband’s pretty excited about it.


And these sweet little Unazuki nesting dolls from Rainbow Spice are my favorites at 300 yen for one set. Now I’m kicking myself for just getting 2 of the 4 sets! Notice the very nice printing.


5 thoughts on “Kacha-kacha

  1. you have GOT to stop posting all these absolutely adorable Japanese items! you are making me waaaay too jealous! : ) i hope you’re having an incredible time, though!

  2. Oh – I actually don’t think I’d seen that counter before, but I did google “kacha kacha,” and it came up everywhere! I suppose this too is a an onomatopoeic name?

  3. I am so jealous!! I used to live in Japan and loved Yuzawaya – unfortunately, I didn’t know how to knit then – I used to just wander around the yarn floor in a daze. I wish we had a place like that here in the states (or at least Florida!!)

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